07 - NOTICE TO THE COMPETITORS #1 - RS:X World Windsurfing Championships

NOTICE TO THE COMPETITORS Nr. 1 POSTED DATE; 27 AUGUST 2010 TIME; 16.00 Re: a) Sailing Instructions Article #2.
1. The correct positions of the SELF ADHESIVE DISKS (SIs #2.1), the BLUE RIBBONS (SIs #2.2) and NATIONAL FLAGS/WHITE BLANK STICKERS (SIs #2.6) on the sails are as follows; (SEE also attached diagram) a. The SELF ADHESIVE DISKS as stated in the SIs #2.1 shall be displayed on both sides of the sail. b. The BLUE RIBBONS as stated in the SIs #2.2 shall be carried on the retaining strap of the second batten down from the head of the sail. c. The NATIONAL FLAGS/WHITE BLANK STICKERS as stated in the SIs #2.6 shall be displayed on the sails. 2. The Self Adhesive Discs will be presented to the top three competitors on the current standings for Men and Women at 09.00 o’clock every morning on the stage in the Sailors Square. 3. The Blue Ribbons will be distributed from 09.00 o’clock every morning at the beach office. RSXWC_Notice1

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